Web/Mobile Analytics

Monitoring your visitors for real-time insights.

The complete know-how to engage your customers.

Plumb5 platform allows marketers to track and monitor user behavior on websites, landing pages and mobile apps. Using proprietary tagging techniques, Plumb5 tags data of every single customer, irrespective of the assets, to project the full view of visitor behavior. An inbuilt scoring mechanism allows the marketer to create segments based on behavior, which is served instantly to the integrated personalization engine.

Unified Analytics
Over integrated data, get ready single customer view reports with customer behavior score cards.

Query Anything
The Custom reports feature allows marketers to query and save reports across any data attributes.

Custom Dashboards
Create custom real-time dashboards to display desired reports for collaborative analysis.

Web Tracking
Simple configurable embed scripts to track and monitor visitors on your website or landing pages.

App Tracking
A 2 step mobile integration allows app owners to monitor users on your mobile application

Device Tracking
To track devices such as beacons or IoT devices, Plumb5 SDK can be customized to track and collect data.

Goals and Conversions
Marketers can configure goal paths and micro-manage conversion effectiveness with targeted messaging.

Customer Journeys
The visitor flow feature help marketers visualize customer journeys across touch-points and analyze abandonment.

Variate Testing
Marketers can run split tests or multi-variate tests for deciding page layouts, events, banners for effectiveness.

Plumb5 makes it extremely simple to implement tracking across all web/mobile assets. Web tracking is done by implementing Plumb5 scripts on your websites/landing pages. To monitor users on mobile phones, you can use the SDK to enable tracking of app visitors. Existing web scripts track users who browse your webpages on mobile browsers.