True 1:1 partner program

Add real value to your offerings

Offer ROI centric solutions with Plumb5

Most business solutions are touch-point solutions which does not encapsulate all the metrics needed for ROI calculation. So businesses cannot really measure the true effectiveness of your solution. Solutions and Services built over Plumb5 not only allows you to provide effective value driven solutions but also allows you to work based on insights to drive better value.

Digital Marketing Agencies, Analytical and BI service agencies and development companies can make the most of Plumb5 partnership. With data in one place, marketers can drive customer communication and brand messaging using integrated insights, analysts can readily run models over unified data for accurate results and tech companies can customize and build applications over Plumb5 unified data using web services.

CRM Providers and Resellers: CRM providers who integrate their software with Plumb5 platform are able to offer their clients a complete, closed-loop marketing solution. One can also earn revenue share with each new client.

Web Development & Management: Experienced web management companies recognise that the management of web data for their clients is an important process that should not work in isolation to the web systems in place. Working with Plumb5 allows professional web management businesses to fully automate and integrate reporting, data extraction and optimisation processes within a scalable and flexible platform.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital Marketing Agencies and Advertising agenices can offer ROI driven omnichannel solution to their customers and improve their client retention strategy with increased revenues per account.

Data Analytics and BI Services

Companies offering data driven analytics, reporting or decisioning solutions can find a great fit in Plumb5 as they can implement their custom models with real-time capabilities over a single platform

Developers & System Integrators

Development Agencies offering ecommerce integration, custom marketing solutions or developing business dashboards can provide great value to their customer by building a seamless integrated system with deep analytics.