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How does a segment-of-one marketing platform solve customer centered problems?


1:1 Marketing

Segment-of-one marketing is all about 1:1 marketing which is the ability to personalize and target messages and campaigns based on past experiences and behavior for every single customer.


Single Customer View

Segment Segment-of-one marketing platforms creates rich 360 single view of one marketing platforms creates rich 360 single view of a customer, assisting in accurate decision making for effective conversions and engagements.


Unified Intelligence

The Unified stack used in Segment-of-one marketing are data aware systems that store past data and new data of a customer into a single stack, maintaining unified intelligence of an individual customer.


How it works?

Plumb5 is an Omni-Channel marketing platform which combines marketing, sales and support functions on to a single platform in order to maintain a single customer identity stack to gather intelligence and serve next actions in real-time, across all touch-points.

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Customer View

Experience Management

Online Chat &


Lifecycle Automation

Cross channel
service management

Benefits of using Plumb5

Agents empowered by insight where customer engagement and advocacy is addressed instantly with informed decisions Advantages Customized Dynamic Digital & non-digital offers high chance of acceptance Feedback loops continuously boost channel performance



Unified Experience across channels and LOBs, blurring internal organizational boundaries.

Seamless Channel hopping



Consumer experience focused on Segment of One. Combines Enterprise & Social views to understand the persona. Personalized, goal-driven,gamified engagement.



Is beyond a mere presence in Social networks. Niche Forums enable collaboration between peers & expert advisors. Effective collaboration between employees and agents will lead to improved customer experience.



Understand and define the experience ecosystem. Co-create the experience with all stakeholders. Enable seamless digital consumer journeys


Plumb5 Business Capabilities

A single segment-of-one platform that can provide seamless customer experience across all touch-points in the eco-system.

  • 360 Customer View including external data sources.

  • Customer tailored product recommendations.

  • Customer Lifecycle Event Triggers.

  • Online Collaboration with Customers.

  • Advisory Automation based on customer preferences.

  • Advisory across multiple channels.

  • Data to leverage CRM.

  • Customer Chat.

  • Customer Lifecycle Automation.

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Plumb5 helps you grow your business exponentially, by intelligently automating your conversion and retention strategies. Plumb5 is a Marketing Automation tool bundled with loaded features to connect all your customer touch-points both online and offline to enable great customer interactions by applying auto segmentation and learning techniques.

Google Analytics gives the count of the visitors and other data, whereas Plumb5 gives the complete clickstream tracking data and also provides an option to engage with visitors to convert them into quantified lead. The biggest win through Plumb5 is that it starts with a data-aware customer stack, which creates a single customer view for marketers to analyze their customers holistically.

Unlike other marketing automation tools & CRM that are available, Plumb5 focuses on capturing the first party data by being customer-centric, the main idea is to integrate all the touch point data in one single platform.The customer behavior and the intent state is the key to render realtime engagements for both anonymous and known visitor. Which means that we not only store the customer data with the life cycle state with respect to time but we also have the ability to render engagements on all the touch points to achieve the marketing goals through effective promotions. The emphasis is to create relevant & seamless customer experiences in real-time, which not only improves website conversion to ROI but helps build repeat business and also achieve a great customer relationship.

Plumb5 platform allows marketers to track and monitor user behavior on websites, landing pages and mobile apps. Using proprietary tagging techniques, Plumb5 tags data of every single customer, irrespective of the assets, to project the full view of visitor behavior. An inbuilt scoring mechanism allows the marketer to create segments based on behavior, which is served instantly to the integrated personalization engine.

Plumb5 is a state machine that is capable of real-time engagement regardless of any customer touch-point. The secret sauce behind this machine is the ability to compute in real-time and output customer states, which is consumed by the automation engine to respond based on rules for any kind of customer request. Everything in real-time. 24/7.This mechanism helps in generating more traffic which Plumb5 can do.

Plumb5 uses its proprietary automation concepts for its business. Processes like data integration, report generation, customer communication and support are 70% automated. We offer you with Unlimited Users & Unlimited Contacts.We provide both On-Demand -SaaS Version & On-Premise Version. Our SaaS offerings come with two subscription type Plumb5 LITE & Plumb5 PRO Consequently, our price cards offer you the most competitive rates in the marketplace. Our pricing is based on the Impressions / Records/ Page Views that we generate from the digital touch point actions and engagements thereby deriving the best R.O.I (Return on Marketing Investment)