Growth Automation

Plumb5 allows businesses to automate their conversion and retention strategies by, first, connecting all customer touch-points and, second, setting personalization campaigns for customer segments using autosegmentation and learning techniques. view more

In order to create seamless automation, we need to understand every individual customer and their intent in real-time. This will enable us to deduce decisions for next steps without human intervention.

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Intent Detection from Customer Journeys

Each Unified Stack holds all the data of each individual customer, making it easy to generate customer journeys. Analyzing behavior parameters spanning interactions and sentiment is crucial to understanding the intent and purchase pattern of each customer. view more

Plumb5 allows the marketer to use the scoring feature to deduce intent and affinity of a customer against a particular product, which is used to arrive at decisions or strategies, which can be further tagged to trigger next actions

Read more on how behavior scoring works on Plumb5

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Using Plumb5, you can configure real-time recommendations to your customers across all connected channels.

Predicting Intent

A real-time approach to understand varying intent of a customer and auto-readjustment of personalization campaigns.

Smarter Contexts

Combination of intent, depth of sentiment and keywords in conversation allows marketers to extract context in real-time.