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Press Releases that highlights Plumb5

Decisive Analytical Systems: Innovation Driven Leadership
March 31st 2021 [Link]
Intelligent Real-time CEM Platform Revolutionizing Customer Engagement
June 28th 2019 [Link]
Decisive Analytical Systems: Analyzing Customer’s Interaction through Deep Analytics
December 06th 2018 [Link]
Aegon Life Insurance aims paradigm shift in healthcare ,uses Plumb5
January 25th 2018 [Link]
Leveraging Novel Data Model for Better Customer Conversion Rate
December 15th 2017 [Link]
Plumb5 Prepares Reporting Bot for Enterprise Data Discovery and Insights
March 06, 2017 [Link]
Plumb5 V6 to Offer AI Driven Engagement Automation
August 09, 2016 [Link]
How tech firms are helping retail brands like Croma, Biba in strengthening online foothold
July 22, 2016 [Link]
Walmart India ties up with Plumb5 for customer analytics in real time
July 19, 2016 [Link]
Walmart ties up with data analytics firm Plumb5
July 19, 2016 [Link]
Top 50 tools to measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns
March 25, 2015 [Link]
Top 50 Marketing & Sales Automation
January 01, 2015 [Link]
Top 10 Email Marketing Software this 2014
December 20 , 2014 [Link]
Burgeoning power of Indian e-commerce industry
July 3, 2014 [Link]
Plumb5 Announces e-Commerce Connectors
Woodbridge, New Jersey (PRWEB) January 07, 2014 [Link]
A real-time digital marketing platform ...
Team YS | August 06, 2013 at 8:23 am [Link]
Meet Plumb5, The Swiss Knife For Digital Marketeers
August 3, 2013 · by Anand Murali · in Indian Startups [Link]
Plumb5, a SaaS based real time analytics and marketing tool
July 15, 2013 by Abhinav Dinesh[Link]
PLUMB5 – Real time marketing product Suite
Posted in Startups By Geekopedia On June 3, 2013 [Link]