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Build Real-time Personalized Connect for a
Long Standing Patient Relationship.

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Plumb5 provides a unified data environment and all the tools required for targeting the right people at the right time. From a Unified view of prospect & engagement data to Journey designer & Advanced Segmentation.



Plumb5 helps you deliver the perfect messages and offers in real time. Integrated Asset Library, Content Performance Analytics, A/B testing & anonymous web visitor personalization.



Plumb5 enables you to communicate consistently across a broad range of traditional and emerging Channels. Plumb5 achieves that through its in-built features & an unequaled menu of channel partner integrations.



Build and manage personalized campaigns. Plumb5 provides the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication. With Plumb5, you can engage more prospects faster. In-built Campaign design for the real-world coupled with 360° Analytics for non-linear buyer journeys.



The only way to save time is to do it Real-Time. It could take dozens of cross-channel touchpoints to achieve your objectives. Plumb5 lets you automate dynamic sequences based on behavior or other triggers. Automate personalization to deliver a great experience.



Plumb5 provides the perfect set of dashboards, reports and analytics to help you measure and optimize performance. Customer Engagement & Content Insights. Customer Journey, Demand Funnel, ABM & Attribution Model.


Marketing automation is often thought to be best for nurturing leads and customer acquisition.For healthcare, that means talking with patients and members of health plans in order to drive specific behaviors. Marketing automation offers a tremendous opportunity to improve healthcare outcomes.


Patient Conditions and ailment protocols can be formalized with content presented in a manner that doesn’t rely on manual execution.

Long-Term Health Management

Personalized Encouragement and reminders,can help people stay on task, take their medicine, and follow complex multi-week instructions.

Go Paperless

Instead of physician assistants or office staff having to gather paper copies of treatment regimens, all the content can be stored digitally and delivered via email on a specified schedule to customers.

Wellness Offers

After a patient is successfully treated for their medical condition, communicate with them on a regular basis about topics that will ensure they stay healthy. Content related to nutrition and exercise will be embraced.

Building Relationships

The patient/doctor relationship isn’t helped when it’s only supported by appointment reminders. Messages personalized to care will show that your facility or health insurance plan genuinely cares.

Reduced Relapse

An effective marketing automation program will ensure that people follow instructions, fill their prescriptions and generally stay with the plan. That’s certain to increase successful healing, and that decreases the odds of the patient having a relapse that requires treatment.


Referral is another benefit when ensuring patients are entirely satisfied and amazed. That will create raving fans and brand ambassadors.

Competitive Edge

Marketing-automation best practices are not prevalent within healthcare. So those that jump on the digital customer relationship bandwagon can reap the rewards.

Automate your growth strategy

Plumb5 helps you grow your business exponentially, by intelligently automating your conversion and retention strategies. With your free trial, you can start using

  • Web Analytics & Engagement
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Omni Channel Journey Designer