Social Campaigns

Engage with your customers on social pages

Targeting with personalized social campaigns

It is becoming extremely important to stay connected with prospects and customers, socially. Today, we can listen, understand, address product queries and advocate customers more effectively. It is extremely important to know the social sites where your customers are active and build campaigns/pages/apps that help in customer experience or service.

Plumb5’s Social App helps marketers to connect their prospect/customer lists and search for social profiles across various social sites. Once identified, the marketer can send invites to connect with them. This not only allows the marketer to engage and address customer queries but also allows the customer or the prospect, to get in touch with the brand in case of product support or complaints.

This integrated module allows marketers to understand and monitor the social behavior and activity of customer segments created based on web behavior, purchases, lead nurture stages or by loyalty scores. Click here to view social cohort report which can help you visualize how you can target personalized social campaigns.


Contactbase Integration
Connect your contact base and extract public social information of your contacts using pre-integrated APIs. Segment contacts based on active social sources for engagement on social sites.
Monitor Keywords
Actively monitor customer complaints and feedback and address all negative sentiments immediately by activating search keywords. You can employ keyword tracking for competitive intelligence, lead generation or other research activities.
Configure your social handle for active social sites and broadcast scheduled or instant periodic posts. Connect respective social APIs to understand the effectiveness of your posts.
For social sites that allow messaging like Twitter, send personalized messages to engage your customers.
Pre-connected Google Alerts API can be configured to send regular alerts for keywords that results in the free web.