Real-time Automation is built on quick responses.

Plumb5 mainstay is its speed of response, which is achieved with pre-synthesis, optimized architecture and smart data organization.


Pre-synthesized Sets

In order to serve faster responses, Plumb5 computes on data input and stores the responses in a synthesized format which is data-aware. Therefore, when queried, Plumb5 doesn’t need to run multiple queries to achieve a specific output, which later needs to be used for real-time engagement. Synthesized responses allow Plumb5 to fetch results instantly and pass it to the automation engine for next actions.


Individual Customer Node

Data organization is another key aspect that allows Plumb5 to respond faster. Using the customer node as a primary node, data is organized around this node. So, reacting to any query for real-time customer targeting, the system quickly picks the customer tag and the associated response without having to delve into complex queries.


Tag Architecture

The tag architecture allows absolute relationship between all data parameters and allows quick synthesis of data in real-time based on pre-set rules at the node level.