Data Retention Policy


This page describes Plumb5's data retention policy (DRP) for user-profiles and events.

User Profile Data includes identifiers, system properties, and custom properties. The data retention policy for user profiles is stored as the current snapshot of a user profile forever.

Event Data includes system events and custom events. The data retention policy for events depends on both your plan type and the settings you define in the Plumb5 dashboard.

User Profile Data Model

A Plumb5 user profile consists of three things:

  • Identifiers: Each user profile is given a unique Plumb5 id. You can also add other identifiers to recognize the user including email, phone number, Facebook ID, Google Plus ID, or your own custom identifier.
  • Properties: This is information stored about the user. For example, this might include age, gender, device, and location. You can also extend the default user profile by adding custom fields that are specific to your business.
  • Events: This is a log of actions taken by a user in your app or website. For example, this might include a product viewed, a video watched, or an item added to the cart.

User Profile Types

The Plumb5 user profile type changes automatically depending on the information set in them. A user profile can only belong to one type.

  • Anonymous: Anonymous profiles do not yet contain uniquely identifiable information about the user.
  • Addressable: Addressable user profiles are reachable either via email or push notifications.
  • Customer: When you record a purchase via the Charged event, that user will be marked as a Customer.

Event Data

Events track what individual actions users perform in your app or website. Some examples of events include a user launching an app, viewing a product, making a purchase, or favoriting an item.

By tracking events in your app or website, you can better understand what users are doing. In Plumb5, you can analyze these events in many different ways, such as getting aggregating metrics of a specific event or measuring how a specific event type trends over time. You can also engage with your users based on these events by creating campaigns in Plumb5 that are triggered by them.

Event Categories

There are two categories of events in Plumb5: System Events and Custom Events.

  • System Events are events recorded automatically after you integrate our SDK or Web Tracking Script.
  • Custom Events are events you define and track with our SDK or API.

Event Properties

Events have details that describe the action taking place called properties. For example, while recording the “Product viewed” event, you could also store event properties like product name, category, and price. Recording event properties will help you answer questions like which category of products are more popular, and help you segment users based on which categories of price points they’ve viewed.

Data Retention Policy by Plan Type

Plan Type User Profile DRP Event DRP
Plumb5 On-Demand / SaaS Data snapshot stored forever. Automatically set to the maximum DRP of 180 Days for all events.
Plumb5 Enterprise Data snapshot stored forever. DRP set till the end of Contract

Last Modified: 1st January 2021