Our Features

A quick look at the capabilities of Real-time Dashboards.

Data Import

Import your online/cloud data sources, offline data or spreadsheets or even your data-warehouse to unify your data. Click here to read more about connecting data sources and managing bidirectional data flow.


After successful import of multiple files, the tag editor can be used to unify different files into a master file for holistic analysis. Click here to read more about managing data tagging.


An intuitive editor to build segments across every data parameter available. To enable real-time update based on conditions of the group, activate schedulers to auto-update and serve real-time reports.


The scoring feature allows user to score data based on nested conditions to create unique groups or micro-segments within a general cluster.


Template driven dashboard layouts are available for users to drag and drop data and configure chart types to create and publish dashboards for collaboration.

Data Mining

Connect with Model Libraries from WEKA or R or MATLAB, to be able to render adhoc custom analytics. Click here to read more on connectors for data mining platforms.

Data Synchronization

Synchronize your segment data with the personalization engine to enable real-time targeting using deduced insights.


Share dashboards and reports, along with chat and co-browsing features to facilitate effective collaboration between team members.Click here to read more on collaboration options.

Real-Time Business Dashboard

Listed in the following presentation are the most frequently used metrics that help business monitor customer progress, product movement, conversion status along with spend and revenue trackers.

The Data Management is available as both On-Demand and On-Premise versions.