Seamless Customer Lifecycle Management

In order to perform seamless engagement automation across every stage of the customer lifecycle, it is crucial to first identify each customer’s current state. Plumb5, which gets its name from the 5 stages of the life cycle, tags data based on the five different states (Anonymous, Prospect, Customer, Repeat Customer and Profitable). This allows the engine to identify and move the customer to the relevant marker instantly, to perform engagement triggers that are in line with the rules of the state.

The above diagram depicts the entire revenue lifecycle to its final milestone and the three main automation loops that are prebuilt into the engine for customer lifecycle automation. The orange line represents the spend on every customer at various states and the green line represents the revenue. At the interception stage, the customer becomes profitable to a business and moves to the fifth state of the lifecycle, where the business needs to focus on campaigns for sustenance and higher profitability.

This allows the business to keep track on the movement of each group in the customer lifecycle. Strategic communication campaigns can be based on their movement and the effectiveness of each communication and its responses are easily measured.