Browser notifications have higher opt-in rates and higher click rates.

The push notification through browser works for Chrome and Firefox and can be configured in less than five minutes. This will you to engage your customers right on their browser in real time. The browser notification works on mobile devices too even without users installing mobile apps.

compared to email messaging and thereby increases conversion rates of your personalized messages. The feature currently supports Chrome (version 42 and above), and Firefox (version 44 and above) on desktop. On mobiles, it is available only on Android OS on Chrome.

Our Features that work best for your business

Plumb5 Opt in Buttons

Customizable Notify Button makes it easy for users to opt-in to notifications on the site and control their settings.

Using Plumb5 APIs, complex use-cases can be implemented such as sending a contextual notification to a customer in your CRM.

A comprehensive report building feature allows you to create custom reports to understand the effectiveness of push notifications.