How auto segmentation works?

The platform is built with a rules engine, which can be customized with new conditions, allowing businesses to manage states, scores and triggers. Based on rules or scores, data is automatically segmented and label led for the automation engine.

Based on five customer stages and an interest range between 5 to -5, where 5 denotes high on interest (full intent) and -5 denotes low on interest(full drift), the engine creates about 160 states, within which any customer of a business would be placed. Based on states and movement between them, campaigns are triggered with the objective of converting or moving the customer to the next state with the shortest goal path.

An inbuilt propensity scoring model allows businesses to manage scores for communications (pages, screens), events, recency, engagement, depth of engagement, time, responses from interactions, sentiments, purchases and spend, in order to arrive at the possible states within each stage.