Customer Management

CRM + Engagement Automation

CRM with deeper insights

Existing CRM data can be plugged to the unified customer data on Plumb5 to centralize the individual customer stack. This tagging allows the CRM user to get behavior insights about their users across all channels. Using these insights, customer or prospect relationship and communications can be planned for effective conversions.

This integration allows businesses to create a unified environment, solving data redundancy problems and ensuring seamless engagement capabilities.

Managers can easily configure communities for customer segments and run loyalty, repurchases and feedback campaigns. This allows each of your customer responses to be stored and stacked in one place, which can then be used for analysis and intent extraction.

CRM Connectors

Easy steps on how you can integrate your CRM data with Plumb5.

Call Center Data

Steps to integrate call-center data or web telephony data with Plumb5.

Loyalty & Retention

Read how customer retention is best managed using Plumb5.