Call Center Data

Actionable data for contact centers with unified intelligence.

Speech and Sentiment Analysis over Call-center data

The great thing about integrating contact center data is that, beyond knowing how many times a customer has called about a delivery issue or knowing center agent's average time spent or finding a metric for total customer satisfaction with service, you can find associated behavior intelligence at other touch-points, which makes your actionable insights so much more precise.

Consolidation of all call center data from sources such as the automatic call distributor, a CRM system, quality monitoring forms and workforce management systems can add up to provide a 360-degree view of your customer experience.

Analyzing speech for words, voice patterns and speech inflection of customers (and, in some cases, of agents)can enable segregation of contacts based on specific keywords and verbal cues. Using inbuilt sentiment parsers on Plumb5, the call center manager can determine the attitude, decision or concerns of their customers.