CRM Connectors

Integrate CRM systems for seamless marketing automation

Unify CRM Data with behavioral insights and engagement automation.

Plumb5 seamlessly connects to your CRM app to synchronize data between the two systems, with which you can now get web behavior, social behavior, email responses of your contacts in the CRM System. You can set up seamless workflows to enable conversion campaigns for your contact base. You can also sync your web leads captured using forms, direcly into your CRM system.

Connecting the CRM systems to Plumb5 is simple. Using connectors, you can easily synchronize your contact, product and other customer tagged information to the unified stack in PLumb5 to create a richer view of customer information.

Click here to read more about the 3 step integration process that can help in creating two-way synchronization between CRM systems and Plumb5

Supported CRM Systems