Community Builder

Create and manage customer communities for analyzing purchase intent.

Response Generation made easy.

Plumb5 Community App allows customer retention team to manage their loyalty programs or offers by creating communities for their customer segments. Users can integrate their CRM or their commerce platforms to invite their customers to the community and engage them with discussions, reward based Q&As, point systems, chat boards, feedback surveys and other. Responses from these interactions can reveal a lot about customer behavior and intent, which can be used to strategize subsequent campaigns.


Configure a community and invite users by integrating to your CRM or Commerce platform. You can even setup a registration process, if you intend your users to sign up before accessing the community.
Offers / Discounts
Based on past purchase data or loyalty points, run personalized offers and discount coupons.
Collect Product feedback or understand purchase behavior of your customers by engaging them with surveys.
Points & Rewards
Set up points for interactions or purchases, and tag rewards or offers to score-ranges.
Profiles and Behavior
Gather profile information of all your customers along with their behavior data, on the community. This will help in strategizing personalization campaigns.
Assign scores to data parameters and generate customer scorecards. Create customer segments across all data parameters.
Alerts & Notifications
Set Alerts and Notifications for customer interactions or responses on the community based on rules.