Web/store Engagement

Personalized customer engagement in real-time.

Target Personalized Messaging using unified customer intelligence

The personalization feature is built into the analytics module so that marketers have every reference of the visitor and can create custom rules for each visitor segment. Marketers can automate interactions with customers to gather insights on their website visit by way of questions, capture forms, feedback forms, polls and custom banners.

Map each interaction and responses to the visitor profile to get deeper insights about the visitor's behavior. The marketer can set conditions to automate next actions based on previous responses of the customer. With this, you can create great customer experiences by saving user time, effort and by providing right recommendations


New Interactions
The personalization app lets you create and publish quick interaction widgets on your website. A quick list of possible interactions can be viewed here. The widgets synchronizes with the Plumb5 tracking scripts to invoke engagements on your website.
The Personalization rules engine lets you configure triggers across any combination of data attributes. Click here to see a sample of rules available in the personalization engine.
Set notifiers for engagement triggers so that you are immediately updated on the responses to a particular engagement.
Interaction History
Get a complete history of all the interactions of a single customer/prospect which can reveal insights into their intent and help you strategize subsequent communication.
Engagement Effectiveness Reports
Gather profile information of all your customers along with their behavior data, on the community. This will help in strategizing personalization campaigns.
Custom Reports
Create custom reports based on interaction type, users and their associated interactions, responses and conversion attributes.