Video Management

Effective Video Marketing with Insights

Integrated Video Analytics

Plumb5 allows marketers to manage and track their videos without having to rely on external data integration. This allows marketers to engage customers over videos using actionable forms and gather insights about the video viewed by them. Using video analytics, you can choose to target videos based on customer stages and increase conversion effectiveness. Click here to view a quick presentation on how engagement works on videos.

Understanding and attributing the effectiveness of videos in the customer journey allows marketers to measure returns for the video marketing investments. This would allow the marketer make more meaningful decisions on the kind of videos that needs to be produced for achieving targeted goals.


Upload Videos
The Video Uploader feature allows you to upload videos any known formats and provides an URL or an embed script to push your content across other sites. You can even integrate with Youtube API and create a tag to manage and monitor your videos.
Manage Videos
The Video Manager feature allows you to manage video catalogs, meta data, thumbnails, titles and annotation within the framework and can be bundled into an shareable container.
Video Landing Pages
The landing page builder allows you to quickly build video enabled landing pages which can facilitate lead generation. Create product video channels to engage existing users and publish on social sites to generate more traffic.
Video Analytics
Measure and monitor visitor traffic and behavior on every video and understand where the visitor drops out of a video.
TTML Support
You can add captions, titles and hyperlinks to the videos uploaded. Add to cart or buy buttons can be hyperlinked to redirect visitors to the purchase page.
Integrated Engagement
Plumb5 engagement features can be tightly integrated to engage viewers while watching videos. Polls or Questions can be overlayed to gather relevant insights about the video or overlay forms for lead generation.

The video module is not an off-the-shelf module. Based on requests, it can be customized and activated on your Plumb5 account. Contact us if you have queries or to get a quote on this integration.