Our Features

A quick look at the capabilities of prospects using personalized engagements.

Import Contacts

Import lead lists or external contact databases using API services or through a manual upload.

Unified Prospect base

Create a single bin to manage all prospects (MQLs and SQLs). Import contact lists, integrate web forms and create input forms and ensure all opportunities are maintained in a single place. The integrated single view feature can be applied to the prospects for understanding behavior and intent.

Lead Staging

Create custom stages to manage prospect types and allow sales folks to manage prospects and their stages on the go.

Lead Scoring

Using lead scoring, you can set scores to understand lead ageing or behavior to create segments who can be engaged using targeted messaging.

Lead Assignment

An inbuilt round-robin workflow and the rules engine allows automated assignment of leads, along with the option to manage manually.

Intent Scores

Assign scores to behavioral parameters and generate prospect scorecards. This will help in analysis and targeting effective conversion campaigns.


Configure access at the level of the organization, objects, fields, or individual records and allow seamless access to prospect insights.

The same application can be extended to the outbound marketing team or inbound support team by creating custom forms and integrating voice application. This will allow integration of voice based interactions, which can be analyzed for sentiments or intent and tagged to the respective customer for subsequent communication. Click here to read more on Call Center Integration.