Modular Pricing

Designed to achieve faster ROI

The Secret of Plumb5 Pricing.

There’s a common misconception that inexpensive products are a sign of cheap quality, and that expensive is always better. Well, with Plumb5, we’ve found a way to deliver the highest quality product, without the accompanying sticker-shock.

How do we do it? In a word: technology. Newer research has presented smarter methods to make the same high-quality products at half the cost. Plumb5 pricing optimization comes from the implementation of these smarter methods within the business. This allows us to optimize operational costs which then translate into optimized pricing for our customers. Click here to read more on the factors that make Plumb5 so affordable


You can select the apps you wish to purchase and use the slider to set the data volume. You can get started with any of the apps and when you buy subsequent customer apps, data is autotagged to give you a single view of a customer. Go on, select you app.

Monthly Data Volume
Contacts (More?)
Contacts (More?)
Contacts (More?)
Contacts (More?)
Contacts (More?)
Records (More?)
Analytics Monthly Data Volume
Records (More?)
Customer Management Apps Monthly Data Volume
Contacts (More?)
BI Monthly Data Volume
Records (More?)
Connectors Select your monthly impressions Price
ECOM Connectors
CRM Connectors
POS Connectors
CTI Connectors
ECM Connectors
Mining Connectors

In case of integration/customization, additional costs are applicable. Get in touch with us for any such queries.