Plumb5’s Journey Designer helps Build better relationships with customers across all channels and touchpoints

Create customer journeys through a configurable, drag and drop journey design canvas. Live Reports provide insights to better anticipate customer behavior. A library of standard journeys allow marketers to get up and running quickly and easily.

Personalization at Scale across All Channels

Relevant, timely, and contextual interactions leads to increased customer lifetime value.

React to real-time events and see an uplift in clicks, opens, and conversions of over 300%.

Collect real-time data, unify profiles, apply segmentation and insights. Access and centralize data in real-time for current and future targeting. Apply machine learning models to better inform audiences, offers, & content.

Capture and enrich first and zero-party data for insights customers are willing want to share. Continuously update customer profiles based on answers to quizzes, surveys, and promotions. Enhance participation by determining the next best experience for each consumer.

Marketers can easily design interactive experiences, and save time and costs by streamlining processes.


Built-in Standard Workflow Templates

Plumb5 provides a library of standard journeys allow marketers to get up and running quickly and easily.



Welcome new customers to your brand and drive purchases or to reach another goal, such as a store visit.

Entice customers to complete their purchase by sending a reminder about items in their shopping cart and incentivize with offers.

Notify customers after their purchase about the order status (shipping, and delivery)

Engage lapsed customers to resume their relationship with your brand by contacting them with follow ups.

Reward loyal customers for an anniversary, birthday, or other time based event.