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Educational Institutions

Attract and Enroll your students faster.
Track Applicants & Automate Engagements for students from Admissions to an Alumni.

Why Plumb5

Omni-Channel Connectivity

Get an omni-channel view of each customer,across all engagement touch points. Design User Flows using our Journey Designer.

Unified Data Stack

Stack data from all systems - Online, Mobile,POS, Social Media, - into a single silo. Assimilate all incoming data on-the-fly.

Automated Personalisation

Create triggers to engage with prospects and customers across all lifecycle stages, automatically.

Built for efficiency and speed

Plumb5 is a real-time customer engagement platform, powered by artificial intelligence, which helps business engage with their customer contextually, resulting in better customer experience, which in turn improves customer conversions, revenue conversions and brings more revenue per customer.

Plumb5 is designed to address the needs of an agile marketer where speed, efficiency and timely decisions, play a constant factor in determining great results.

Plumb5 is designed for conversion efficiency, real-time decision making and quick returns on marketing investments

Problems we solve

Bringing together structured and unstructured data to create single record of the customer. We solve the problem of gaps in customer data and demonstrate higher accuracy in analysis

Using real-time scoring technique, we solve the problem of identifying and detecting customer intent, improving insights required for relevant targeted communication.

Using Collaborative Filtering, we demonstrate highly accurate recommendations, which makes targeting highly relevant resulting in revenue conversions.

By integrating all customer communication channels, we ensure that customer intelligence and engagement is served in real-time across any channel, ensuring relevant experience irrespective of the channel

Our Features

Performance Accelerators

Seamless integration and real-time intelligence assists marketers to effectively improve KPIs by way of automation based on trends and past aggregated scores. Experience acceleration in customer profitability by optimizing the below KPIs Decreased average cost per lead by increasing traffic to lead ratio.

Decreased average lead conversion costs through automations and usage of cost effective messaging mediums like web, mail, and social Decreased average retention cost through automations and usage of messaging mediums like web, mail, and social. Increased average revenue per customer through personalization, engagement and deeper insightful segmentation, propelled by automation.

Acquisition Optimization

Customer Acquisition Costs can be optimized by increasing traffic to customer ratio by activating automated lead generation workflows As inbound traffic is monitored till customer conversion, it gets easy for marketers to credit for conversions at each touch-point. Optimize cost spends by investing on the right traffic sources.

Enable context based targeting automation to incoming traffic and drive them through desired funnels, increasing traffic to lead ratio and subsequently lead to customer ratio

Retention Control

Estimating a near-accurate churn rate and taking measures to increase retention can be achieved by knowing your customer in full degree Mapping customer sentiments across social, web, mail and CRM data to customer behavior and transactions data allows the marketer to visualize and analyze customer satisfaction. Based on this analysis, retention campaigns can be automated, to optimize churn rate.

Based on drifting indices, triggers can be set to update marketers of such customers, where custom campaigns can be conducted to retain the customer, thus facilitating better control.

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