Business Intelligence

Monitor your business in real-time

Real-time Operational Intelligence

Plumb5 Real-Time Intelligence offers dynamic business analytics that provides visibility and insight into business operations. Operational Intelligence empowers organizations with the ability to make immediate decisions on these analytic insights, through manual or automated actions.

The platform not only helps monitor business activities and detect scenarios, but can also act as the starting point for further analysis: drilling down into details, performing root cause analysis - tying anomalies to specific transactions and business activity.

Implementing Plumb5 in your organization would mean empowering people across teams with insights and information to make better decisions.

Data Connectors

Connect all the data sources to the base platform and maintain unification at all times, creating a completely structured environment.

Data Tagging

Data tagging helps businesses maintain data unification at all times to deliver real-time insights and reports built over unified data.

Data Mining

Connect Data mining tools like Weka, R to apply prediction models or even train data for learning over unified data for accurate results.