Plumb5 Features
knowing your visitors
Start tracking your visitors on your website by their source, location, site behavior, activity and more

increase your leadbase
Automate Forms based on behavior, to tactically collect lead information and intent responses from a browsing visitor.

engage your customer
Engage with your customer to understand his preferences, experience, feedback and buying pattern for successful retention

gather insights
Measure content views of your visitor. Apply content variation tests and gather their preferences along with behavior, which will help in personalizing content for effective conversions

communicate with them
Initiate mail campaigns to generate interest among your leads. Automate periodic rule-based mail follow-ups based on their interest.

connect socially
Connect with customers socially and update them with offers and new releases. Integrate social behavior and preferences to the profile stack

target based on insights
Based on insights, personalize content and target it to custom cohorts created by you, for follow-up interactions

chat and convert
Invite your lead to a chat session, when online, to discuss more about the offering and walk him through the goal paths

build relationships
Plug every customer touch-point to gather data of every action and behavior. Create effective relationship paths and increase lifetime value

Who is it for?
The platform creates a unified system for all marketing roles as they all play a part in customer lifecyle management. Roles, responsible for customer acquisition to customer retention to customer value, can use the platform seamlessly to fulfil customer data collection, customer interactions and response monitoring and derive customer insights.
Marketing Manager
Marketing Executive
Customer Manager
Customer  Analyst
Online Chat Agents